Welcome to the new website!

Fortitude Ring

Welcome to the new website!

I have been really busy recently. Last year the lovely Alexandra Snowdon created a brand new logo for me, it was the start of many changes to come.

In 2014 I had my first little one, Ollie, and in 2016, Ruby. Before having children, I ran my jewellery business creating silver pendants, rings and specialised in handmade chains. I used to do shows and sell through galleries.

Since starting out and now returning to jewellery making with a little more time to devote to it now the children are growing up (so so fast) and having stepped back a little, I am now re connecting with my collections. Rather than just keeping my business going with the collections I had, its now time to develop and grow and create the designs that have been trapped within me for the past few years, unable to become a reality because teaching and children were a priority.

I am enjoying learning new techniques, developing my stone setting knowledge and and really enjoying spending time in the workshop again where I am able to experiment with my style and push myself out my comfort zone.

Over the next year, I look forward to introducing you to a wide range of new designs.